DAN GEORGE COMMUNICATIONS: A specialist PR and communications agency serving the audio technology sector.

Dan George Communications is a specialist PR and communications agency serving the audio technology sector.

Proud of our journalistic DNA and our 27-year media background with giants such as TimeWarner and MTV, we are perfectly positioned to help brands flourish in the press and have real ‘business-class’ experience. From PR and content creation to social media and digital marketing strategy, Dan George Communications instinctively knows how to create accurate, engaging content that provides targeted messaging and a consistent voice for business.

The agency works closely with companies large and small, and closer still with journalists and editors, many of whom are proudly called friends. With proven experience, Dan George Communications carefully builds brand awareness and reputation in the media, and with extensive audio knowledge, connects with both the press and end-users in a uniquely professional way.

About Dan

Dan has worked in audio PR for more than a decade, plus a further decade in hi-fi journalism, including a four-year appointment as a magazine editor at Future Publishing, the UK’s biggest technology publisher.

With a truly enormous contacts list, honed over more than 27 years in the media, Dan has an unrivalled grip on who's who in the press, plus hands-on knowledge of how media organisations operate. He has worked alongside a number of key journalists and editors active in today's press, and following a decade in corporate tech publishing, knows a thing or two about creating compelling content.

Dan also brings valuable experience in a number of media-related areas, including: libel; copyright; trademarks; confidentiality and privacy, and intellectual property law for the media.

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