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The above mentioned preamp is near perfect, the cosmetics are almost above reproach, and the sonics are nearly so, and I say that only to defer to others' taste in sound. The cabinet looks like black plastic, but is extruded aluminum, rather like the FMJ Arcams or the Musical Fidelity X-Series. Ribbing in the extrusion gives it a handsome pinstripe look. The face and back plates are also black. Overall dimensions are: Length 13 in/33 cm, Height 4 inches/10 cm, Width 6 1/4 inches/16 cm (it's a "Shoebox" component).

All faceplate controls are by pushbuttons, and they are in two horizontal rows, left to right (top): CD, Radio[tuner], LP, Tape 1, System 1, Mute, and Volume up. Bottom row, L to R: Standby, Mode, Video, Tape 2, System 2, Copy, Volume down. The Volume buttons are red, and the others are colorless and transparent, lighting up (not all in the same color) when engaged. A window in the upper right of the faceplate shows a number (yellow-green LED) to represent the volume level


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