LOW VOLUME LISTENING: Best speakers for a vivid sound ?

May need to live with some speakers that are good at low volume for a while, due to an ear problem. My room is 15 x 12 and the speakers fire from the 12 foot wall. I use Harbeth C7's. They have been a reasonable compromise for some years now, but they work a good bit better in my larger room upstairs.

I tried going huge (Klipsch La Scalas), and sadly it did not quite work out. Perhaps I should go small? I suspect that Electrostats will be recommended. I heard Electromotions and they seemed fine, but not as good as the reviews suggested. I suppose ESL63s are a possibility, although I will miss the bass.

Are there any small speakers with electrostatic quality that might fit the bill? I tried Harbeth Monitor 30.1s. They are excellent, but I missed the bass below 50Hz. So I would miss even more with P3ESRs.

I'm intrigued by Proac Studio 100 or the older 1SC. I liked Dennis Murphy's CAOW1 very much, but only heard them with S-Man's bass reinforcement system so don't know what they are like alone.

I like the new Sonus Faber Olympica range; they seem very good at low volume in small rooms, but they are very pricey. I don't want to spend big until I know more about the future of my ears.

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