Audio Synthesis DAX, Synology, Dune Digital file player?

Gentlemen; I bought an audio synthesis DAX and would like to keep a DAC approach to the pre amp but using more home streaming audio/video equipment through an Ethernet cable. I usually listen to FLAC or WAV lossless digital recordings held on a NAS system. Can you advise me on the best quality equipment to read the files/ DAC them and then match an LFD Audio Mistral or Zero Mk4/5 with the suggested speakers (Vandersteen?

In summary, here is a list of my current hardware and the questions I have:

  • Synology 211 NAS with FLAC and WAV music files streaming through an Ethernet cable to 2 rooms into a……..
  • Dune digital file player with digital output, however I don't know whether it supports 24bit 192k reading. Can you suggest a digital media player that you would match with the system? The digital file player streams into a…..
  • Audio Synthesis DAX (1990s)

Is there a better alternative to cope with higher bit and sampling rates of FLAC and WAV files or is this sufficient?

We can see no problem whatsoever in keeping and using the Audio Synthesis DAX. Beyond this unfortunately we don't have enough up-to-date knowledge re this specific situation in order to be able to provide you with a worthwhile answer re this. Sorry.

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