DECCA: XMS specifications

Hello Mr. McCauley. What can you tell me about the Decca XMS please?

Well now – a blast from the past eh? Okay, here goes: Plug-in type head was available separately for either Standard or LP Records. Brown head was standard. Red was for microgroove. The seal plate colour identified the impedance as follows:

  • Gold 30 ohm
  • Red 170 ohm
  • Silver 1,300 ohm
  • Green 4,000 ohm

A special version of the XMS with Blue seal plate was made for Kloster

Replacement styli

  • XMS Red – Standard sapphire
  • XMS Green – Standard diamond
  • XMS White – Microgroove sapphire
  • XMS Brown – Microgroove diamond

Hope this is what you needed

Neil McCauley

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