ZETKA INDUSTRIES: What happened?

Arthur Brando replies ...

A company based in Gracefield, Wellington in New Zealand that manufactured mid & high end music amplifiers under the McLaren brand although its main business was acting as an OEM and contract manufacturer of electronic equipment for the communication and security industries, the stringent import regulations and high import duties in New Zealand at the time meant that products that would normally have been imported had to be manufactured locally either by default or to be competitive.

Zetka appears to have started producing hi-fi products in the latter half of the 70's, with the 02 series is believed to have been introduced in the early 80, but products from that series including the 402 preamplifier and the 902 monoblock are the ones most likely to find outside of NZ but for a time they were exported to Europe but later products were mostly sold in their homeland. The 03 line of amplifiers that was introduced in 1988 and included the 603 preamplifier, a 703 stereo power amplifier and a 903 monoblock power amplifier, however remains the company's best know products and are fairly common. Zetka went out of business in or around 1995.

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