VINYL REPLAY: 10 of the best turntables of all time?

Max Langridge writes:

Back in 1995, the annual What Hi-Fi? Awards issue declared that it might just be the last year that we had a turntable category, such was the move away from vinyl towards digital and the CDs... How wrong we were.

The vinyl resurgence has seen vinyl sales hit a 20-year high, with 1.3 million albums sold last year and 2015 sales already up 69% year-on-year. But it's no good buying vinyl, if you've got nothing to play it on.

As vinyl has endured, so have some of our favourite turntables. So what are the best turntables of all-time?

We've been through the What Hi-Fi? archives to dig-up some of the best sounding, best value turntables we've ever tested, featuring repeat award-winners and five-star reviews. Please click HERE to continue reading

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