LOOSERS: How much we’re willing to lose?

There are very few systems that are truly full range. The shortcomings of rooms and speakers often preclude simple setups from delivering all there is on a disc.

Take Music Room Three at PS Audio. The spot in the room where the FR30s disappear and one finds themselves totally immersed in the music happens to also be one of the worst places for low bass. Move the speakers around to capture those incredible low notes the FR30s are capable of and some of the holographic magic is lost.

I for one am unwilling to forego even a smidge of holographic magic and near-perfect tonal balance to gain any of the missing low-end.

Should I just stick to music that hasn't those lowest of notes? Or, should I stress over missing them?

For me, that question is instantly answered when I put on a track that moves the floor and puts a smile on my face as the system reproduces without hesitation the lowest of notes.

I have to have it all.

But, how to get there?

Simple. Supplement the main system with a subwoofer. Or, a pair of subwoofers.

In our case, all that is missing happens from 28Hz and below. A single REL Predator placed dead center on the rear wall does the trick nicely.

If your musical choices tend to lean towards chamber music or light jazz then none of this really matters.

It's just good to know how much we're willing to lose.

PS AUDIO / Paul McGowan

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