Maybe somebody’s up for the challenge

Following my post about cable damage, it occurs to me that there is an opportunity for an interesting experiment.

We’ve all seen the techno-wizard’s proof that cables make zero difference. They routinely put a cable on the AP and under real world conditions show that what goes in comes out the other end.

I am certain their testing procedure are accurate.

Simple. Clean. Obvious.

Yet, no one I know can deny that this isn’t the case when measured by our ears.

My conclusion is that we’re not measuring the whole picture.

Maybe a more complete test would be to use the same AP equipment to somehow mirror our ears in the room.

Imagine taking two speaker cables. Let’s say a length of zip cord vs. an AQ Dragon. Put the two on the AP to prove there are no differences that would explain what we hear.

Next, we put those same two cables on a resolving system where we can easily hear the difference.

We then use a calibrated stereo microphone pair to capture on the AP what comes out of the speakers.

I predict we will see a difference when we compare the two signals.

If we can hear differences then those differences must exist.

The challenge then becomes finding the proper measurement technique. Mimic as closely as we can our ears.

If only I had the time.

Maybe somebody’s up for the challenge.

PS AUDIO / Paul McGowan

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