VINTAGE: Who made the best vintage audio?

What's your opinion

SANSUI - the Big G SERIES receivers are UNTOUCHABLE!!!! Their Amps ar sooo powerful!! My AS 300 speakers are the best sansui's, though not nearly the most powerful, I've heard. I hope to pick up a CA 2000 and a BA 2000 tomorrow. Amp and Pre. I sold all but my G 7000, 8900ZDB, 1000X, and A 9 amp. Put one of the Large G series receivers beside any receiver you can find and it can't be beat unless you go to crazy high end, Even then???

JBL - Speakers extrordinaire!! Creme de la Creme! L65 Jubals for perfection

AR - Oh Yeah!

Pioneer - mass produced at times but some stuff was outstanding.. How about the SX 9000 receiver with reverb? lovely

Technics - So much junk, so little quality stuff. just a few good things ever produced. SL 1200 MKII turntable of which I have 2 and an SL 1700 are LOVELY! Nice EQ's also

Yamaha - Simplistic design, sweet sound receivers

Kenwood - Some Junk, a few good items. Overall average at best

Harmon Kardon - I have a 430 receiver that sounds nice. Very powerful bass and full sound. Quality stuff not really mass produced

Onkyo - The most underrated vintage gear available. I bought a TX 4500 at the urging of you guys and it is excellent. I plan to buy one of their big boys soon.

Nakamichi - Excellent tape deck. Pray to God it never breaks because they have the worst service department in the universe

Akai - Very Nice tape decks

EV - I have some very old series four speakers that sound nice. Large and 30 watts.

Altec Lansing - try one of their old amps if you want to really hear something sweet. A friend of mine has a pair of their speakers made in 1958 for a discoteque. MOnster speakers and about $3,000 a pair. He pushes them with an old altec amp and You could deafen every person in a high school gymnasium with them. I have NEVER HEARD ANYTHING REMOTELY CLOSE!. My $850 JBL L65 Jubals sound like a transistor radio beside them. Of course they weigh about 150lbs each. They bave these HUGE IRON horn type tweeters with ball magnets that look like they must weigh 25 lbs or more each alone!

Any more to ADD?

Anyone to dispute my thoughts?

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