SUGDEN: Their Optima Phono Stage (MM/MC) – user comments

I bought this well respected phono stage as a stop gap earlier this year. I fancy trying something else so this needs to go to help fund it.

There's not a lot on the web about these but everything you do find it positive. I can't tell you much about the specs I'm afraid. Patrick at Sugden said that he thought that the MM input loading was 200pF from memory. He says they were popular with dealers when new.

I haven't the means to test the MC side of it but the chap who sold it to me said it was fine. MM works very nicely.
As with all things Sugden, it has a lovely musical, warm sound and is very nicely made.

Cosmetically it's in excellent condition and has clearly been looked after.

LEAK VINTAGE units NOT on ebay

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