WILSON AUDIO: Or Avalon Acoustics?

I would like to know how Avalon's sound compared to Wilson's. I heard that they have a similar sound, but just want to make sure from other peoples experience. I have heard, Sophia 3's, Sasha w/p, and the x2. I liked all 3 models. I haven't heard any Avalon's yet. I will definitely be looking to audition. Just thought I would ask for now.

My budget ($15k-$30k)is pretty broad for the sake of keeping an open mind. Realistically I'm thinking $20k'ish. That price is just for the pair of speakers mind you.

My current setup consists of Paradigm studio 60's v.5 (mains), cc-590 v.5 (center), studio 10's v.5 (rear's), Arcam avr-600. Primarily its an HT system, but I use it for music alot as well. It's a pretty good sounding system, but I've grown out of it for music. Its a superb setup for gaming and movies though. This is pretty much why I'm thinking of a dedicated 2ch setup.

Second option, is to upgrade my current system with better speakers. Use an outboard dac dedicated for music in conjunction with the avr-600. It would still be a 5ch system in the end though.

Any thoughts?


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