FOOLISH: Audio items that we were silly to sell

I was just thinking to myself about the great bits of kit iv'e had over the years. Some i was glad to see the back of and some i bitterly regret parting with. Of the amplifiers i have owned over the years the Beard CA506 pre and P100 MkII are by far the ones i miss most. I also loved my Inca Tech Claymore and Exposure 6/7 and super8 too. Of the speakers that i have owned over the years my favourites were my beloved B&W 801's with external cross overs.

Divorce and moving to a much smaller house put pay to them. I also regret selling my Ruark Talisman II's many years ago, still one of the most musical speakers i have heard. I loved my Heybrook HB2's too. I wish i could just have everything back. I would have nowhere to sit as there would be so much of it but it would make me smile.

Which bits of kit do you regret getting rid of and why?

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