MERIDIAN: Four of the very rarest. 102 / 107 / 607 and MCA-FM


1: 102

A concept with possibly only one prototype of a stand-alone phono stage and/or step-up. Never put into production

2: MCA FM tuner.

Only a handful (UK spec only) ever built, in order to fulfill an obligation. Chances of finding one = near zero

3: 107 power amp.

Re-badged from left-over Zircon / Orpheus stock. 9 in total. An effortless 175 rms into 4 ohms per channel. First of the UK-designed super amps. Excellent review in the 1970s in Practical Hi-Fi & Audio used in the dealer system section. Even today, still the default / go-to / must have power amp for the Gale 401a speakers. Chances of finding one = doubtful

4: 607 ADC analogue to digital converter.

Very few ever built and nearly all of them probably reside in studios where, so I am told, they are highly regarded.


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