The Go Go’s – Live at the Emerald City, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 1981 (CD) inc. track list


Recorded just as the band were hitting the height of their fame in 1981, this is a high quality FM radio broadcast from WMMR FM. The performance was from Emerald City, Cherry Hill, New Jersey on 31st August 1981.

1. Skidmarks On My Heart

2. How Much More

3. Tonite

4. Fading

5. London

6. Cool Jerk

7. Automatic

8. Lust To Love

9. Can't Stop The World

10. This Town

11. Vacation

12. You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)

13. Our Lips Are Sealed

14. Let's Have A Party

15. We Got The Beat

16. Surfing And Spying

17. Beatnik Beach

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