JOE BONAMASSA: Interview from 2010 by Trevor Hodgett

From our archives


Due to popular demand, and straight off the back of a sold-out London Hammersmith Apollo concert in front of 5,000 people, critically acclaimed blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa will embark on a nationwide UK tour in October.

Here’s an online exclusive – an archive interview with Joe from issue #83 in November 2008. Asking the questions – Trevor Hodgett.

American guitar slinger Joe Bonamassa is rightly acclaimed for his virtuosity – but what makes him really exceptional is the creativity, inventiveness and imagination with which he plays.

Bonamassa is modest however about his improvisational talents. “Sometimes I don’t think about anything and it just kind of comes out,” he smiles. “And sometimes I’m thinking about what I want to have for lunch the next day or about random personal events! There’s no rhyme or reason but I think the best nights are where I don’t think about anything, where it’s like a stream of consciousness and you just flow through it and get the emotion of it all.”

Bonamassa believes he is continuing to develop as a player. “In the sense that I think I play less and I think my sound has gotten better and I think my ....