Holographic Audio HiFi ProductsIn the latest issue of Swedish magazine Musik & Ljudteknik our Amp TwentySeven was put through their famously careful and detailed testing procedure. Here are the results.  Some quotes from the test (translated into English):

"In our maximally demanding setting ... with the most demanding music examples and test-signals we know of, none of the repsondants managed to detect any audiable distortion in the test object.

[...] For me, the choice of power amplifier in a high-end rig is about making no compromises when it comes to reproduction. I am not prepared to accept even the smallest of distortions, if they can be avoided. Given this, there are not many competitors to Holographic Audio Amp Twenty Seven – regardless of price! As far as I know there is no single competitor that matches both output power and value for money."  – Pekka Johansson, Musik & Ljudteknik 1/2014 (translated from Swedish)


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