IMF: Calling all IMF Professional Monitor IV enthusiasts

I have heard/seen no mention of these speakers for years. does anyone else remember them? in the days when only my schoolfriends who were smart enough to leave asap and set up businesses like importing grado cartridges could afford to buy them, they were reckoned by many to be THE ultimate british loudspeaker; and as an impoverished student visiting the converted barn houses of my really successful mates i was able to make comparisons between tannoy, IMF etc.

the IMF PM-IV made a life-long improession for its ability to spread sound and to get RIGHT DOWN into whatever base the most expensively set-up LP-12-based system could produce. anybody else got similar (or different) memories? do these speakers continue to exist anywhere? thanks in advance for all response

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  1. I have a pair (bought from Watford) in the Mid 1970’s. I also purchased a pair of Ditton 66 and Ditton 44 speakers (I think all from KJ sound), at about the same time. I have enjoyed them for many years but I am now thinking of downsizing (we are moving) and I will have to part with them. Do you have any idea of what these might be worth? I think the IMFs are fine (all speakers are in great external condition, since we have been in the same house for almost 40 years) but I have not fired these up for the last 3 years (using smaller speakers and smaller amp) as we moved on!

    I would be grateful for any comments you may have. Best wishes,

    Alan (Morgan)

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