Noise-reducing PowerARAYs leave more space for music

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Chord Company has launched two new noise- suppression devices which have been painstakingly designed to reduce the amount of noise entering hi-fi systems, leaving more space for the music.

The next-generation PowerARAY and PowerARAY Professional devices expand Chord Company’s range of expertly designed power products, which draws on the A/V cable specialist’s near-40-year UK design and manufacturing expertise in signal-transfer. 

The PowerARAY plug-type device directly connects to unused mains power sockets, either on walls or distribution blocks, adjacent to sockets used to power audio systems. PowerARAY provides a low-impedance ‘escape route’ for high-frequency (HF) noise, therefore reducing the amount of noise entering the system, lowering the noise floor and allowing more room for the music. It is available with UK, Euro (Shuko) or US connections. 

PowerARAY Professional uses the same application principles as PowerARAY, yet takes performance to the next level, deploying a separate, larger capacity case with damping isolation feet, connected via a high-performance captive power cable from Chord Company’s premium Signature, Sarum or ChordMusic collections.

PowerARAY Professional draws on technologies developed for Chord Company’s proprietary SuperARAY and GroundARAY products, and similarly, operates in parallel with the electricity supply: it does not get between the electricity supply and equipment. This approach ensures wide-ranging flexibility across all manner of audio systems and power supplies etc.

PowerARAY Professional does not use power: it targets HF noise by introducing a potential gradient that turns noise into heat. Inside, the internal earth, live and neutral parts benefit from connection to their own MainsARAYs, plus individual (no-compromise) SuperARAYs. 

All other internal parts are securely held in place by machined aluminium billet, with internal components enveloped by a special damping resin.

Both the PowerARAY and PowerARAY Professional can be used alongside other Chord Company proprietary ARAY products to compound hi-fi performance. 

Product summary

PowerARAY technology has been designed to reduce high-frequency noise as much as possible and provide a consistent and worthwhile improvement to the mains supply just before entering hi-fi systems. 

PowerARAY operates in parallel to the power, so no current flows through it. This parallel filtering is applied to the live, neutral and earth, and has been optimised to reduce noise. 

Any high-frequency noise that is created internally by hi- fi systems can be further reduced or eliminated with the use of the GroundARAY range. 

Price and availability 

PowerARAY £550

PowerARAY Professional: £5,500 (with SignatureX power cable); £6,000 (SarumT); £7,000 (ChordMusic)

Both are available to order now.

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