DELTEC: Quite a few admirers …..

Time for an all purpose Deltec thread as I've just landed a DPA PDM3 at a bargain price from teh eBays:


My figuring being that Deltec always had a reputation for making really good digital kit and even though this one didn't make much of a splash at it's original £2650 price tag it has to be a pretty damn decent DAC for 300 quid! I'm very much liking it so far; big, clean, open, absolutely grain/glare-free and just not putting a foot wrong at all to my ears. This is a fairly recent Deltec, from the period they briefly reemerged about 5 years or so back, the date stamp on the bottom is 2009.

It is pretty basic spec wise from what I can establish, e.g. iso not asynchronous USB and the high-res available on the coax and optical inputs aparently tops out at 24/96, but these factors don't concern me as I play CDs and my HD music library is exclusively 16/44 red book. I've got it hooked up to my Rega Apollo R via a 75 Ohm coax lead and I'm very much enjoying it so far. Sounds very decent optically from my Mac too.

Anyway, just starting this as a general purpose Deltec/DPA thread, e.g. amps, cables, DACs, anything, rather than specifically about this DAC as I know there are quite a few users here and it's the sort of thread we should have!

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  1. You now happened to own one of the best dacs around. It is just magical natural sounding dac , with rich bass, smooth highes and lots of nuances. The ambiance and tool separation is amazing. It has to be turned on a week before series listening is taking place. Whats the rest of your set up?

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