SYSTEMDEK IIX / Roksan Tabriz: Should a noisy motor be a dealbreaker?

Howdy all! I have been looking at a Systemdek IIX with a Roksan Tabriz (and a technics cart I have never heard of and can't remember the name of!)

This is a 'scratching an itch' thing, as I have always wondered how both the Roksan arm and the Dunlop Dek stack up against my LP12 Ittok etc, especially as I now have my (non-Linn) LP12 set up jig I can see it being a lot of fun tinkering, pop the Roksan on the Sondek, Ittok on the Systemdek etc etc.

Intention is once I have had some fun I will move it on here as a ready to go deck for a newbie, but who knows, I may fall in love and decide I need a turntable in the study!

Have given it a good look over, is the later rectangular arm board type, looks to be in generally very good nick beyond needing the suspension adjusting, a good clean and polish. Arm feels spot on. Bearing is low on oil and needs a good clean, but still has some and looks/feels to be undamaged. No chips in the platter, even the belt looks good! However, motor is noisey, even unloaded - how much of an issue is this? Are we talking drop of oil, new motor?

And anything else I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance!

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