TANDBERG: Surprisingly good amplification

Some time ago I bought a matching set of Tandberg gear in their original boxes from a good home (seller was apparently trading up to naim):
TPA- 3002A control pre-amplifier
TPA- 3003 (150W) power amplifier (they also did a more powerful 3006)
3001A Tuner

because I wanted to get my hands on the fantastic tuner which is very good indeed -they made various "3001" or "3011" models but the 3001A is the one to have which i have been enjoying for some time now. Together it's a fine compact set that doesnt take up too much real estate.

I had not bothered to use the pre or the power amp for a long while but recently brought them out and used them driving Tannoy 12 inch reds in canterbury cabs and I was amazed at how good they sound. maybe they have good transformers or something. Having done a bit more research I see that they are highly regarded in the US and fetch quite high prices for vintage gear. My tuner has been re-fettled by a good engineer but the amps have just come staright out of their boxes and sound wonderful - they give real body to the tannoy sound (having used many different valve and SS amps with the Tannoys in the past).

Judging by comments I have found online the MM/MC phono stages in the pre are also highly regarded although I haven't got rpound to trying them out yet.

Sadly at some stage I may have to move them on for downsizing reasons but am wondering if I should as they look great as a complete set including a good phono stage.

I think a couple of forum members have their speakers (of that generation) which i have not heard which I think can be picked up quite cheaply.

Anybody else had experience with the Tandberg gear of this generation?

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