SANSUI: Really good performance or just nostalgia and self-delusion?

Hi, I joined a few weeks ago and am initially looking for a second system for use in 2 small rooms (i.e either an amp with 2 speaker outputs or a speaker switch box). I've been underwhelmed with the modern equipment I've demo'd and reading this section of the forum has roused my interest in the possibility of using vintage hifi for my second system. It has also made me reminisce about our old system which I used/abused as a teenager. In around 1978, we bought a (then very luxurious - over £600 from a UK audio consultant who was exhibiting at the Cunard/Novotel hifi show in Hammersmith - a guy called Allan Coombs) Sansui system:

  • TT: Sansui SR 636
  • Amp (Integrated Tuner Amp): TA 300
  • Cassette Deck: SC 1110

We also had Sansui speakers although, even looking on vintage sites, I can't find their reference number (floor standing, about 70cm high, removable cheap black foam covers attached by velcro strips and a dial inside which we never used) and it was all housed in an incredibly sturdy Sansui rack made in tough black vinyl and wood veneer which matched the speakers. It all looked marvellous and the SQ was better than anything we'd ever heard.

Unfortunately, when moving house in the mid 2000s, after many years gathering dust my parents threw the system out - very sad.

I am considering tracking down and buying the same components second-hand for my second system. I would want to add a CD player to the "Tape/Aux" output but am not sure if the connectors on the TA 300 are compatible with modern equipment. Also, it would need to power Wharfdale 7 Diamond 1 speakers and Acousting Energy Extreme 5 speakers - I remember the speaker connectors were different to today's - can they be adapted to take banana plugs? I know nothing about hifi so would be reassured if there is a reputable place in London that can service/repair old Sansui products.

Do you think this could work or has nostalgia go the better of me? I'd be very grateful to hear from any Sansui enthusiasts.

Thanks, Rob