READERS’ LETTERS: Switch mode versus traditional power supplies

A member writes:

My new Class D GaNFET amp (Starkrimson Ultra) has dual mono SMPS that are deadly quiet (very black backgrounds), provide tremendous headroom (1000wpc clean peak power-4 ohms), and produce sonic realism and presentations that are jaw-dropping Live…all with a Total package weight of just 18#! 😉


A member writes:

Almost every powersupply is switchmode. When testing a FM tuner on my workbench I can hear my PC on several positions of the scale. So the reduction of switcher noise is mandatory and often not easy. For class-D switchmode amplifiers the loudspeaker cable will be a good antenna. Starkrimson seems to have a good product. Even an audioXpress test by a professional gave excellent results. If I did not have enough amplifiers already I would give them a try.

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