READERS’ LETTERS: Does the CD layer of an SACD sound better?

A member writes:

I think in order to store a DSD recording onto a disk it has to be stored on a SACD disk and played back on an SACD capable player otherwise if played on a standard CD player you would only hear the standard pressing and not DSD.


A member writes:

SACD is the name of the physical disc – “Super Audio Compact Disc”. DSD is the digital encoding type. An SACD layer is, by necessity, a DSD bit stream. So in some sense the terms are used synonymously.

SACD players, by design, are able to read the Redbook CD, 16/44.1K layer, if present. I have some SACDs that only have the SACD layer, so they cannot be played on a Redbook CD player. All Redbook only, 16/44.1K discs can be played on either type of player/transport.

A member writes:

Another vote for HDCD. It never really caught on because like SACD, it only appeals to audiophiles. I am sometimes surprised by the sound of a disc, turn round and see the HDCD light illuminated on my DAC even though there is no mention on the cover or disc itself. Covert HDCD discs are out there. The Best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler is one.

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