PS AUDIO: There is no doubt in my mind that an audio or power cable whose conductors are made from silver rather than copper will sound better.

After reading what I just wrote, I am certain that the hairs on the backs of many necks just popped straight out.

Standing hairs and raised eyebrows aside, time and again, I have been convinced that my silver-based cables outperform their copper-based brethren.

Why that would be is a mystery.

Yes, I have read about the better electrical properties between the two, but from an engineering perspective, those tiny esoteric differences in speed and conductivity cannot account for the differences I am hearing. And here is where I must agree with those that roll their eyes at the idea of cables sounding different. There doesn’t seem to be an explanation reasonable enough for me to point to.

Not that the lack of evidence or sense has ever changed for me the choices I make when I hear the difference.

I cannot deny the facts of what I hear.

I can, however, scratch my head in question.

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