OUR VIEW: After a conversation with Colin Wonfor …..

Here in our editorial office we write a lot about audible differences and in those writings there are conflicting opinions and theories as to why certain aspects of what we do have audible effects. 

However, when it comes to understanding the why and wherefores of what makes something sound better our team lack sufficient knowledge. That’s why we talk to makers. It should come as no surprise that a common denominator, in their responses to our question, is the frustration in trying to measure those changes

But many times they design on faith and their ears. 

That practice infuriates many fora 'keyboard warriors’. This is a primary reason why we occasionally take a look at a forum or two but … we never comment there.

Anyway, these ‘warriors’ demand scientific proof before they will even consider the possibility of accepting the changes that so many of us hear as real.  This doesn’t make sense to us and, from one perspective, we believe thwarts forward progress in perfecting the art.

A case in point is why perfect measuring DACS sound different to each other. Similarly with speaker cables, and all the rest. The more candid and less ego-maniacal designers are generally of the view that improvements (these days at least) are – once the key measurements are achieved – comes from experimentation, seemingly endless.

What strikes us in particular is designers’ willingness to accept what people hear despite the fact they can “prove” they shouldn’t be able to hear it.

We salute the attitude that leads to discovery and pay no regard to arguments amongst music lovers.

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