TECHNICS: SL1200/1210 – is it all just hype?

 I have been reading many views on the Forums (not just here) about the 1200/1210's and the deck has been received with mixed views. Many just don't want to be asociated with a 'DJ' playing 'Happy Birthday' by Altered Images at a kids birthday party and others who want to know more but maybe to scared to plump for the deck in case they get spotted by their Audiophile friends!!

Well, let me tell you now, you are missing out. I have now completed my 14th deck which now has been sold to an un naimed (in the title) friend who was so impressed at what the deck can do against his moddest LP12.
Now don't get me wrong, I have a decent Linn LP12/Naim set up and I am not about to sell my LP12 but in reasonably std form with a good budget cartridge and an isolation mat (AT and sound deadsteel) the Tech sounds bloody good with the likes of Motown/philadelphia etc, infact, I enjoyed it more than my LP12/SME 3009 Modified by AO/Dynavector d3 setup and that is a bold statement I think.

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