REGA: Moving on from a Rega P9

Chaps, Now that my P9/RB900 is sold, I can start to think about what is going to replace it. I absolutely loved the P9, but decided that after two happy years of owbership, it was time to try something different. I don't change my TTs anywhere near as often as I cange my other kit so it's important that I get this right. I am hoping to live with the new TT for at least two years.

My budget is £1500 and for this I would need TT, arm and low output MC cartridge. I would prefer to buy S/H so that I lose as little as possible when selling it on in approx two to three years time.  My main criteria is that the TT is 'fun' to listen to. I don't want something that is overly romantic, syrupy and dark. At the same time, I want something with a natural, organic sound.

I would prefer to avoid 'oil rig' style decks and those which require the use of a clamp if at all possible. Based on these criteria, what would people suggest?