MARANTZ: Model 2325 vs. Sansui 9090?


bb3blog writes ..... Much like the beginnings of early high end audio when Audio Research and Conrad Johnson were the common catch words, Marantz and Sansui are two names that most likely crop up when talk goes vintage solid state receivers.

Of course there was Pioneer, Sony, Technics and others that carved their respective mark in audio. The SL 1200 turntable (and its incarnations) by Technics is probably the longest running model in production dating back to 1975 and still  a favorite among DJs and audiophiles alike up to the present. Pioneer had the SX 1010 receiver – the first receiver to breach the 100 watt mark and unofficially started the “watt wars” of the 70’s.

Then you also have the ultra rare Setton RS660 (allegedly designed by Pierre Cardin) and Concept 16.5 receivers  – considered the Maseratis and Alfa Romeos of vintage audio.

All these brands have their respective cult following but none more rabid and fanatical as Marantz and Sansui. These were the Mercs and Beemers of stereo.

Two models in particular have been pitted against each other in various fora and discussions – the Marantz Model 2325 and the Sansui 9090. These two were the standard bearers during their time of release and up to now, close to 40 years after, discussion on which is better is still hotly contested.

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