The new Lemay Audio Hommage Electrostatic loudspeaker is a complete rethinking of the famous Dayton Wright XG-10 loudspeaker introduced in 1975 by Michael Wright. Only original restored ultra high-performance electrostatic cells and audio transformer are retained. The rest is completely reinvented for the ultimate music lover .

No crossover, no box resonance, no electrostatic sound, no irreal large soundstage and fuzzy spatialization, no lean tonality, no dynamic compression, almost no moving mass, only music.

Real point source electrostatic panel  - A world first!

From the original virtual point source design in 1975, to the real point source, a world first for an electrostatic panel. The broadband unfiltered center cell (40-18k)

This is the point source and is reinforced by 8 others for tonality balance (40-3K). Vertical and horizontal time alignment calibrated for listening distances of 3, 4 or 5 meters. Up to 10 cm of correction compared to a conventional vertical panel.

High-voltage Power Supply

Same unmatched, indestructible Hammond 106940 audio transformer but new dual bias circuitry 200 times quieter and much more powerful (6.3 kV). Optimized electro mechanical damping eliminate any electrostatic sound signature residue.

Super tweeter

The Hommage uses a Super bipolar Mundorf tweeter (16-35k) adjustable for perfect direct and reflected wave symmetry.

Anti-vibration base

Such a tall and revealing loudspeaker required very special attention in taming unwanted vibrations. Dedicated and finely tuned base was created by Modulum Audio.

Audio Optimized Matched  Cabling

Each Hommage loudspeakers are supplied with now famous Silversmith Audio Fidelium ribbon cables.Contemporary Majestic Design

Reminiscent of Jacob Jensen designs  known for his work with Bang & Olufsen the Hommage pure design was created by  indusrial designer Patrice Guillemin from Triplan Studio in Montreal

Black mirror finish is standard

Subwoofer Option

GR Research type active open baffle subwoofer (4 x 12 inches) is recommended.

Custom design - Limited edition

Only ten pairs of Hommage will be produced due to the limited amount of original electrostatic cells still available.

* We reserve the right to change our product’s price at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price for one month from when the order was placed.



Time correction in both axes

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