HEADPHONES: Choosing the right ones

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How do you listen?

The first thing to think about when choosing headphones is how they will be used. Is the primary purpose of these headphones to help you withdraw into your own world? Are you buying them as a gift for a daily commuter or for a frequent flyer who wants to avoid having a conversation with the random person sitting in the aisle seat next to them? That’s as good a reason as any, and in that case, you’ll definitely want to invest in headphones that include active noise cancellation, which allows you to block out any and all unwanted distractions.

The good news for you is that all Bowers & Wilkins headphones and earphones feature noise cancelling technology. For example, the award-winning Px7 S2 headphones use a total of six microphones for outstanding noise cancellation that shuts out unwanted intrusions without harming your favourite album’s dynamics and energy. Careful positioning and angling of those microphones ensures excellent call quality too, even in noisy environments. They also sound fantastic, as you would expect.

Best possible performance

However, if you are after the last word in sound quality and the listening experience is key, we definitely have you covered. Because even though our high-performance range has pristine sound quality built into every single product we manufacture, there are still degrees of sound quality to be enjoyed.

That’s where our flagship headphones come into their own: the sensational Px8 are the ultimate combination of exceptional performance, premium materials, intelligent technology, and smart features. Px8’s precisely angled Carbon Cone drive units reduce distortion, resulting in massively improved clarity. The result is unparalleled accuracy and realism.

How do you wear your headphones?

Both sets of headphones we’ve highlighted so far are over-ear models – that is they have ear cups that sit over your ears, linked by a headband. But these are not for everyone, which is where our in-ear wireless earbuds come into play.

The PI5 and PI7 True Wireless earbuds with active noise-cancellation are the result of extensive research, uncompromised engineering and an unyielding desire to make the best-sounding in-ear headphones possible.

With PI7 you can hear your favourite music as it was meant to be heard, thanks to a true 24-bit connection between left and right earbuds for superior sound quality plus high-resolution wireless audio that adjusts dynamically to optimise performance. Plus, advanced active noise-cancellation monitors noise and adapts to your surroundings, so nothing gets in the way of the music you love. They even have a unique audio retransmission case that allows you to stream wirelessly from a wide range of sources.

PI5 offers many of the same great features, and will charge on any compatible wireless charging pad for seamless charging on the go. And Quick Charge Support means just 15 minutes of charging is good for two hours of listening and communication time — so you’re never separated from your music for long. Perfect for the busy person in your life!

Wireless all the way

One of the trickiest decisions you used to have to make with a pair of headphones was wired or wireless. But no more! Thanks to advances in wireless technology and innovations such as True Wireless as seen on our PI5 and PI7 earphones, you can now experience wireless sound quality that can rival the results you would get from a wired pair of headphones.

Something special

Finally, if you are looking for that extra-special gift – the one that offers pristine sound quality of the highest order alongside stylish design and special edition prestige – then we have the perfect present for you. The Px8 007 Edition are as elegant and timeless as the world-famous secret agent himself. They deliver the high-performance wireless sound synonymous with Bowers & Wilkins’ flagship headphones, but are resplendent in an exclusive Midnight Blue Nappa leather, celebrating the dinner jacket worn by James Bond in his first on-screen appearance in 1962’s Dr. No, and also feature the classic 007 logo on top of the earcup plus an exclusive red power slider.

So whether you are buying headphones for yourself or someone else, Bowers & Wilkins five-strong line-up has something for everyone.


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