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The history of hORNS brand is connected with love to unusual sound and non-standard design. As a music lover, I have been looking for my sound for many years. Understanding the importance of individual approaching and continuous searching for new solutions found its vent in events in 2006. During searching for an ideal equipment to my space and my requirements, I realized that finding A proper set is nowadays a great challange. Set, which would live up to all my needs and, of course, would be affordable.

    My professional experience, which has been gained since the year 2000, connected with creating products made of various materials, inspired my imagination to an unusual, new brand. Brand, which, thanks to its new features and so far rarely used materials, would let obtain still unknown abilities of sound. It was the begining of the first loudhailers and next loudhailer’s systems by hORNS.

    Today our offer is formed with a wild range of products, which you can see on our webside. Horns is recognizable in many countries in the world. It was possible thank to taking part in many exhibitions, press publications and, of course, irreplaceable presence in your homes. Our vision is to create the unique systems. Every single product is created with a great attention, we would like to provide to devices you get and we were seeking for ourselves

Thank to our experiences and features reserved for hand made work, we have got possibilities to individualize systems due to your expectations.

We would like you to find wished- for, seeking sound in hORNS systems.
Therefore our motto is hORNS – Find sound of your soul …

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