HELIUS DESIGNS: Their Omega Silver Ruby tone arm

They say:

The Silver-Ruby Omega is the high-performance version of the standard model and is differentiated  from its sibling by being the chromatic negative of the standard version; instead of being a black arm with a silver counterweight, the Silver-Ruby model is silver with a black weight.

This aesthetic rule is not strictly enforced, customers can order this version with a black finish although it does become difficult to tell the two models apart.

Mechanically the two models are very similar, the tungsten balls are replaced with 12 large rubies that are formatted in the Helius tradition of a tetrahedral 3-ball race. A unique design perfected by Helius in the 1980’s and used ever since.

The jewelled bearings are coupled with silver internal wire. The choice being between single strand silver or cryo-litzed silver. The more comprehensive description can be found in the options section of this site, suffice it to say  the cryo-wired version uses nearly 8 metres of silver wire.