GRANT AMPLIFIERS Ltd: What happened?

We are told ...

Founded in 1983, in Hampshire, UK by Roy N. Grant following the acrimonious breakup of Grant Lumley. The company made updated versions of the amplifiers Grant had designed for Grant Lumley but unlike the earlier Grant Lumley designs that were usually point to point wired they partly utilised PCB's and were in general more modern in design. The company and its products were never marketed well and may have been underfinanced, the Grant products were for instance better known in Canada than they were in their UK home market. Like the GL products before them all, all amplifiers were push-pull designs with some claiming that the early products sound better than the latter, but that may simply be due to the use of high-vacuum Telefunken valves in early models that had become unavailable in production quantities by the late 80’s, interestingly his previous company Grant-Lumley made a virtue out of using only British valves and this use of better components may explain why the Grant amps were deemed by some to sound better than the G L amps. Grant Amplifiers also made an unusual (for the time) valve moving coil head amp but it is very rare with only a few examples being built, the company appears to go out of business in the early 90’s although it is difficult to nail it down exactly.

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