BIAS FEEDING: Ever notice how the more you become convinced of something the more you feed that belief?

Paul McGowan / PS AUDIO

If we believe analog is superior to digital or vice versa, we tend to gravitate toward other groups that believe the same thing. It seems true in politics, stereos, cars, and perhaps even stamp collecting. We're looking for affirmational support that we made the right choice.

Newbies to our hobby don't suffer the same bias. They've yet to form an opinion and thus are free to experiment, learn, and see what works.

I am not convinced that the long-term feeding of our personal biases is altogether helpful.

Short term? Absolutely the right way to go. Dive in deep. Learn all you can. It's what we call focus.

But, when you come up for air from all that immersion, I find it really helpful to open up the closing bias trap and test again the waters of the opposing view.

Still nothing there of value?

It's easy enough to dive back into the deep end.

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