At the cutting edge of audio technology, Fyne Audio's IsoFlare driver is a point source, full range transducer system delivering exceptional musical cohesion and stereo imaging. The Vintage Classic IsoFlare drivers, in 8in, 10in and 12in versions, work in harmony with the dedicated crossovers to work at their very best in the large, flat-sided sided enclosures. Built on rigid, cast-aluminium chassis and lossy coupled to internal cabinet bracing, each driver has the firmest foundation on which to perform.

With the 10 and 12 inch models, the same 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter is used from the more affluent Vintage models, but driven in the Classic range by a more traditional and affordable ferrite magnet motor system. The 8 inch models use a 25mm magnesium dome with ferrite magnet system. The unique geometry of the high frequency unit's waveguide provides a flat frequency response and contributes to the driver's uniform dispersion. The mid/bass driver uses a ferrite motors to drive a multi-fibre cone, terminated with Fyne's unique FyneFlute roll surround to best dissipate cone energy at the outer perimeter.

The result is a point source driver, with a natural and articulate sound and true isotropic radiation from the cabinet. With no nodes or lobes in the dispersion pattern, stereo imaging is precisely focused both on and off axis. Combined with the IsoFlare's signature attributes of high power handling and incredible dynamics, Vintage Classic loudspeakers offer audio performance quite literally decades ahead of their style.

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