DIY INTERCONNECTS: Using Teflon braided hose

Hi Colin. I love your ‘clinic’. Neil promised that you might be offering education for us novices. So may I ask – have you ever thought about using braided hose to run your interconnects.

I am talking about type usually found as brake lines on motorbikes and car braking systems, i was messing around with my bike when it occurred to me that the brake lines were Teflon tube covered in a tight metal braid and was wondering about using it to run say a 1mm solid silver wire through? I was thinking of making up a full cable but it would be shielded and along with the Mylar/aluminium tape wrapped round the bundle would be double shielded. Any thoughts about it ?

I saw this on a forum site not to long ago. Firstly what is the braid made from? If steel then it’s of no use. If copper then what is the gap size between the wire that makes the braid? What about the wire thickness ? Now how thick and how flexible is the Teflon tube? How big a hole in the centre? If this hole diameter is too big you can may find the shielding is bad and the capacitance between you conductor and shielding may also be bad. As to silver 1mm wire I wouldn’t waste my money on it to be honest.


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