PSU caps

Dear Colin, PSU caps. There are two (2) large rectangular caps at the ac inlet of the PSU of my DIY amp. They are labeled as such; 0.1uF 250V~X2. What does the X2 mean? Yeah I know, stupid question, but I'm at least looking for a intelligent answer and seeing all the past Colin’s Clinic answers you are the guv. What would I replace them with guv? Would a WIMA MPK10 0.1uF 250V work?

Eric from Sarfend.

This is a VERY safety-concerned Colin answering your question. X2 means 2 things.

1) it means breakdown voltage is higher the 240VAC, normally about 800V

2) it also means this capacitor should break in an open circuit thus not shorting the power out and possibly cause death and fire.

So DO NOT FIT any capacitor across the main that is not X2 class.

Please be safe Eric for S.O.S.,

Oh, and bye the way – is the pier still up?

Best Colin

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