Early Blues Interview John Anderson, singer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist

I had the pleasure of talking with John Anderson, latterly joined by Alan Draisey, over a jar during their virtuoso performance as The Ragtime Jug Orchestra at the Upton Blues Festival.

Alan:   Thank for agreeing to do the interview John.  What are your first musical memories growing up in deepest Gloucestershire?

John:   I’m a Londoner actually.  I don’t know how I got into blues.  My father was into swing – Django Rheinhardt and stuff like that and the first records I bought when I got one of those gramophones that look like suitcases were Little Red Rooster and the Golden Guinea Chess Greats. But before that I remember buying rock and roll and lots of things off juke boxes because they were cheap.  My friend had an older brother so we got into things earlier.

Alan:   Did you always want to become a musician?

John:   “Musician” sounds very grand!  It’s not my .....

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