Bo Diddley and Ron Wood – Live At The Ritz (DVD)

"In one thrilling 1987 concert, two mighty icons of blues and rock: Bo Diddley and Ron Wood. The two men work out here on a riveting set, combining Bo Diddley’s signature songs - ‘Bo Diddley’ and ‘I’m A Man’ among them - with songs from Ron Wood’s long career as a rocker: ‘Plynth,’ ‘Outlaws,’ ‘Honky Tonk Women,’ and others.

The mix is a natural: itwas the work of Bo Diddley, among other r&b greats, who inspired the British blues revival in which Ron Wood made his name.The crack band featured here includes the well-regarded guitarist Jim Satten, who was touring with Bo Diddley at the time - as well as the bassist Debby Hastings, one in a series of female musicians whom Bo Diddley, breaking with male blues tradition, hired thoughout his career"