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So, here’s a bit of background. Bricasti Design is a small, Massachusetts-based high-end company that specialises in digital and amplification components for both studio and home use. Founded in 2004, it’s still relatively young, but the people behind it have a great deal of experience in audio having worked for the likes of Lexicon and Mark Levinson over the years.

It may be hard to believe given the hefty price tag, but the M3 digital-to-analogue converter lands on the more affordable side of the Bricasti range. Reflecting the company’s work in the pro sector, this unit comes across more as a working tool than any sort of statement of luxury. This is a real point of distinction between it and most rivals, which tend to put a greater emphasis on extravagant styling or being flamboyantly built in a bid to tempt buyers.


Don’t take that to mean that Bricasti has taken any shortcuts when it comes to construction and materials, though. To our eyes, this unit echoes some of the design touches of earlier generation Mark Levinson products, and that’s no bad thing. 

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