YVES BEAUVAIS: The Stereophile interview by Robert Baird

"While the selection and fine tuning of exhilarating-sounding vintage audio equipment is an exciting, often life-long search, let's not forget it's ultimately the music that matters—mankind's mysterious mastery of making air move in esthetically & emotionally thrilling ways. Most importantly, remember to ask yourself the age-old question: Can I dance to it?"This has always been the conundrum of being an audiophile: Are you in it for the gear or for the music? And while it's perfectly acceptable, even preferable, to choose both, for many the choice is stark.

For Yves Beauvais, who has now lived and worked in the worlds of music and high end audio, and whose website for his vintage-gear business, Vintage Vacuum Audio, bears the above statement, the answer is simple.

"Most of the people I sell gear to, we never talk about ....."

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