INAPPROPRIATE: What song, as a child, did you hear that you realize as an adult is inappropriate?


Brittany Nicole Ribeiro writes .....

Dear God, my cheeks are burning red because of what I’m about to tell you in this story. And if my mom knew I’m telling you, she would roll over in her grave- may she “Rest In Peace”. But here it goes.

My dad loved the old rock music (AC/DC, Queen, Nirvana…) and would always play that type when I was with him. My mom would often tell him that he shouldn’t play it with me in the car. One song I’d heard and remembered is called “Rape me“ by Nirvana.

Well, once, my mom and I went in to a gas store to pay for gas and get me a snack. But guess what song I started singing, out of the blue, and at the top of my lungs? If you guessed “Rape me”, you guessed right. My moms face went dead white and she was in shock. She hurried to pay the cashier and dragged me out of there. I don’t even want to know what the people there were thinking.

My mom went straight home and gave my dad an earful because of what had happened and because I’d told her I liked daddy’s type of music. She was mad that he got me into it but to this day, I still love the music he listened to in the car.

But that one song. At the time, I didn’t know why my mother was mad at me for singing that song. But, I didn’t know what rape was. My dad told me that I shouldn’t sing that song out in public anymore. And, he explained why.

Moral of the story- choose your music wisely while driving with kids (lol).

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