Guitarist Steve Howe played an integral role in shaping the sound of Yes and Asia, two of the world’s most beloved and successful progressive rock bands. The gifted guitarist has also enjoyed a long and prolific career as a solo artist with more than a dozen studio albums to his credit.

Howe has handpicked 33 tracks from his vast and varied discography for ANTHOLOGY, a new retrospective drawing primarily from the studio albums he recorded between 1975 and 2011. Throughout his career as a solo artist, Howe has demonstrated time and again his vast stylistic range, much like one of his guitar inspirations, Chet Atkins. ANTHOLOGY maps his musical journey across 36 years, 16 albums, and countless genres

On April 1, Howe will launch his “Anthology Tour,” which will feature performances of many of the tracks heard on this new collection. A dozen shows in the U.K. have already been confirmed and additional performances are due to be announced soon.

1. So Bad2. Lost Symphony3. Pleasure Stole The Night4. Pennants5. Look Over Your Shoulder6. Surface Tension7. Sensitive Chaos8. Running The Human Race9. Desire Comes First10. Luck Of The Draw11. Maiden Voyage12. Walk Don't Run13. Momenta14. The Collector15. Just Like A Woman16. Buckets of Rain

1. Distant Seas2. Curls & Swirls3. Meridan Strings4. Simplication5. Rising Sun6. Westwinds7. Ultra Definition8. Ebb And Flow9. Dorothy10. Sketches In The Sun11. Diary Of A Man Who Vanished12. Devon Blue13. King’s Ransom14. Bachians Brasileiras No. 5 (Aria)15. Beginnings16. Mood For A Day17. Sharp On Attack

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