LITTLE VILLAGE: Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile (2CD)

An unlikely supergroup, Little Village consisted of guitar wizard Ry Cooder, legendary singer-songwriters Nick Lowe and John Hiatt, and renowned drummer Jim Keltner. Their sole album appeared in February 1992, and this superb live set was taped in Boston, Massachussetts two months later, for simulcast on WBCN-FM. Capturing their instrumental virtuosity and songwriting that encompasses wry humor and raw emotion, it’s presented here together with background notes and images.

1. Intro
2. She Runs Hot
3. Intros
4. The Action
5. Fool Who Knows
6. Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile
7. Inside Job
8. Do You Want My Job?
9. Alone In The Dark
10. Take Another Look
11. Solar Sex Panel
12. Don’t Think About Her While You’re Trying
To Drive
13. Memphis In The Meantime
1. Crying In My Sleep
2. Don’t Go Away Mad
3. Big Love
4. Little Sister
5. Across The Borderline
6. Ovation & DJ
First Encore
7. Don’t Bug Me When I’m Working
8. Half A Boy And Half A Man
9. Ovation & DJ
Second Encore
10. Thanks...
11. Thing Called Love
12. Lipstick Sunset
13. Ovation & DJ

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