"Touraj Moghaddam Vertere's founder and chief designer announced a new high-end Moving Magnet cartridge Sabre at today's launch.

Vertere's new high-end Sabre Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge delivers an uncompromising musical experience. Sabre is designed and manufactured to exacting standards. 

 Sabre sits between the budget, but surprisingly musical, Magneto MM cartridge and the beautiful and award-winning Mystic MC cartridge.  Sabre has a retail price of £845, $1199 and €1148 in the UK, USA and Europe respectively. Upgrading from a budget moving magnet cartridge involves some difficult choices. The first and probably the most obvious choice is Moving Magnet or Moving Coil. Moving Coil is traditionally seen as the better choice, but it requires an additional 20db or more gain. Budget phono stages often struggle to do this well, if at all. The upgrade involving a new cartridge and a new MC phono stage could be expensive. MM cartridges have in some ways suffered from the majority having a reputation of being a bit lightweight and scratchy sounding. Sabre is not such a cartridge as a demonstration will  conclude.  Sabre is detailed, dynamic and full-bodied and, most importantly, is highly musical and addictive.  

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