The Audiophiliac loved the original Asgard, the new Asgard 2 is still made in the U.S., it has more features and improved sound, but it's still $249!

Right, the name attracts a certain amount of attention, but Schiit is no joke. The California-based company made its name with the very first product, the little Asgard headphone amp, which I enthusiastically reviewed on this blog back in 2010. Since then more Schiit headphone amps and digital converters won raves from me. This time out we're back to the Asgard, in its revised Asgard 2 format. The price is still $249. The Asgard 2 adds preamp output jacks, so it can drive a stereo power amplifier or self-powered desktop monitors, like my Adam Audio F5s. When you plug in a set of headphones to the Asgard 2, the pre-out jacks are ......

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