UK mains plugs MUST be approved!

This IMPORTANT forum thread starts as follows: Hi, My name is Ann from the PlugSafe safety campaign. I know there have often been discussions here about mains plugs and fuses; I would like to clarify a few issues. Mains plugs supplied in the UK for domestic use MUST comply with BS1363-1 and MUST be approved by a suitable test house, this is normally either ASTA (Diamond Mark) BSI (Kite Mark) or Nemko (N Mark). The UK Plugs & Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 set a penalty of up to six months imprisonment for the supply of plugs which do not conform. Some plugs sold as audiophile plugs, eg the Furutech FI-1363, have not been approved and are therefore illegal.

The fuse in a standard plug MUST conform to BS 1362, and part of compliance is to be clearly marked with "BS 1362" and the approval mark. Fuses which do not comply can be very dangerous if subjected to short circuit conditions. A fuse which is not packed with an arc suppressant, usually silica sand, is particularly dangerous as it can explode under short circuit conditions! (see this video from the Electrical Safety Council). Many fuses sold as audiophile fuses have not been approved and are not marked, some have glass bodies rather than the standard ceramic type, and clear glass makes it very apparent that there is no suppressant inside.

Please ensure that you only ever use legally supplied plugs, sockets and fuses.

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