STAX: Using a Japanese specification amp in the UK?


While at the Bristol show last year I had the opportunity to quickly demo a Stax headphone + amplifier set-up (I cannot remember the actual model - the headphones had rectangular-shaped pads and looked like the current 207/307/407 models). I was impressed. I have experience with middle-tier dynamic headphones (AKG, Beyerdynamic, Grado) but what I was hearing was on a completely different level, especially in terms of the spatial quality of the sound.

I am now seriously considering the purchase of a Stax bundle (headphones + dedicated Stax amplifier). I would like to know if people have experience with using Japanese Stax kit in the UK.

I'm referring mainly to the Stax amplifier: is a direct Japanese import usable in the UK given the differences in voltage and frequency? I would imagine in theory suitable converters exist, but how hard are they to source in practice? Would a converter impact the sound and/or damage the Stax amplifier in any way?

Dip in and out HERE

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